Low Light Photography Tips

Low Light Photography Tips

If you know you’ll be taking photos in a room or place that is dimly late, this article is your resource guide. Whether you’re shooting in your living room or just outdoors at night, you will need to plan ahead, so as to make sure you take the best possible photos. Here are some of the most important tips you should have in mind.

Use a Large Aperture

This is a tip direct from a physics class. When and if you’re taking photos in low-light, you’ll want to make use of the largest available aperture value that you can set. The reasoning behind this is that the bigger the aperture, the more light it can let in through the lens. If you have a camera that also has interchangeable lenses, make sure to use the one that has the largest aperture value.

Stable Support

The monopod vs tripod debate has been raging on for quite some time now. Both accessories can be used to offer stable support for the camera. A tripod is a three-legged stand for a camera while on the other hand a monopod is a one legged stand that you hold to keep stable. A selfie stick is a perfect example of a monopod. You might want to use a monopod when photographing landscapes and people from a distance. However, if you intend to you intend to take selfies in a dimly late environment, you’re better off using just a monopod. Monopods are typically a lot much cheaper than tripods. If you don’t see the need to use any of these accessories though, and are confident you can do just fine holding the camera with your hands, make sure to position yourself steadily. If you can find a tree, wall or just about anything else to brace yourself against, well and good!

Take Multi-Shots

This is a timeless photography tip that most people often ignore. It is important to note though that taking multiple shots can interact both the blur that’s caused by the camera shaking and as well the movement of the subject. , remember that the more shots you have, the more the chances that you have at least one great snap.

Most Important PS4 Accessory

Most Important PS4 Accessory

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of PlayStation 4 accessories available in the market right now. When you get your brand-new console, you’ll need to equip yourself with a number of these accessories. Although they’re not explicitly a must-have, they can go a long way towards making your video gaming time a lot easier. If you’re on a limited budget, there’s just so many accessories that you can purchase. So it narrows down to the question ‘what is the most important accessory for the PS4?’

The Debate

Before we get an answer to this question, there’s a debate that ensues. To start with, different people will consider different accessories to be the most important. This will be based on their own individual opinions or experiences. Some gamers will take the opinion that a good, high quality headset is the most important accessory for hardcore and/or social gaming, while some users will argue that the PlayStation camera is the most important. But to answer this question appropriately, we must look at the condition of the PlayStation 4 when it leaves the box, what it needs to function optimally, and what you need as a user.

The Answer

After hours on end researching some of the problems that most PlayStation 4 users have been encountering, we were able to come up with a hypothesis regarding what accessory is the most important. We realized that most people have either complaints about their console overheating while they’re playing their favorite games, while a lot others also had complaints about the controllers’ fast battery drain. A sizeable group complained that the mono headset that comes with the PlayStation 4 straight out of the box has what it takes to socialize the video console gaming experience. Based on these observations, we came to the conclusion that a PS4 cooling fan is indeed the most important accessory for Sony’s console. The overheating that creeps into the console while you go about your favorite games has a way of distracting your peace of mind and thus distorting the whole experience. Thus, a fan that can effectively tackle this problem scores as a top priority. Fortunately enough, a good deal of the accessories that serve as a cooling fan for the PlayStation 4 are multipurpose. They also work as a stand to hold the console and offer a charging station for the controllers. This way, they solve multiple problems. A good example is the Ortz brand, which sells for roughly 25 dollars on Amazon.

Why Gamers Love the PS4 Interface

Why Gamers Love the PS4 Interface

The PS4 has quite an interface. Most of the most-recent gaming devices are indeed designed to look as best as they could. The Xbox 360, as well as the Xbox One, appeals to gamers who choose to go with the Microsoft brand. In the same way, the PS4 has its design advantages. Here’s a highlight of some of the reasons why people love the PlayStation 4 interface.

  • Neat – well, you might have seen this coming. Everyone loves neat accessories and gadgets, more so if you’re going to be using them quite heftily. Sony highlighted its console’s neat interface long before it was launched, during a big event held about 2 years ago. The PS4 interface effectively makes the PS4 UI obsolete. If you’re the kind that prefers a neat, spacious design as opposed to a compact, cluttered look, you’ll certainly love the PS4 interface.
  • Groups of PSN Friends – the PS4 interface supports 2 groups of PSN friends. You can have ‘true’ friends or ‘regular’ friends. For someone to be one of your true friends (or rather BFF), both of you have to mutually agree. Regular friends on the other hand will just show up on your friends list and games. True friends appear in their true names, not some crazy nicknames such as SexyGoat45754.
  • Makes Multi-Tasking Easier – the PS4 UI takes multitasking to a whole new level. If you were a PS3 coolie, you certainly get impressed. You can double-tap on PS button on your DualShock controller to swap between the two most recent apps. So if you’re playing a cool game, and then pause for a couple of seconds to look up something on your device, you’ll still be able to get back to the game very easily using the PS button (double-tap).

These are just a few of the things that make the PS4 UI a lot different and much better than what is there on most other video gaming consoles.

PS4 UI Strengths

PS4 UI Strengths

Here’s a list of PS4 User Interface strengths that together with the console’s incredible features, help make one of the best video gaming gadgets in the market.

  • Broadcasting Hub – the new pS4 interface is engineered to enable sharing and streaming. Sony’s engineers apparently invested a lot of effort to make sociability and broadcasting a key part of the overall PS awesomeness. The Share button on the controller is clear evidence that the PlayStation 4 was built to make sharing easy – much easier!
  • Homepage Insights – the PS4 homepage highlights a wealth of data regarding what your friends are doing. For instance, you’re able to see notifications such as ‘Yosef is streaming Killzone: Shadow Fall’. From this central UI feature, you can easily get to interact with friends.
  • Play Games Before They Finish Downloading – this is one of the most priced PS4 UI features. You can be able to play games even before they start downloading. But it’ll take 60 minutes at most, to install enough of the data needed to start a game on the ps4. But you don’t have to wait for the entire application to download, which is very good, especially considered the fact that some games are just too big.
  • Play As a Guest – very easy, you can choose to ‘play as guest’ and then login to your account.t automatically, it’ll get rid of all your data once you’re done playing.
  • Watch Netflix With PSN Subscription – this is a fun fact regarding the ps4 UI. It’s just so cool that Sony is not keeping away all the good stuff so that you have to subscribe to their PSN program. The SONY PSN is similar to Microsoft’s XBOX LIVE, which is a subscription program for the company’s video gaming consoles such as Xbox One and Xbox 360. Most likely, you’ll need to sign up for PSN to push it to the ends with your console, but before you make that decision, you can get started streaming Netflix and having some fun.
  • Stand-by Mode – as some gamers have suggested, the PS4 was engineered to rest in stand-by mode. The device does pretty much in this mode, from charging your controllers to resting. This makes it a pretty cool console as you don’t have to worry about shutting it off or making it less active every time you rush to the bathroom.

With all these UI features, and a lot of other ps4 features that we haven’t mentioned yet, it’s easy to see why the Sony console cuts the corners as the number one video gaming console in the market.

PlayStation 4 Compatibility

PlayStation 4 Compatibility

The PlayStation 4 offers a number of cool features that take video gaming to a whole new level. Comparable to Microsoft’s Xbox One, this console by Sony offers an incredible choice for people who are looking to leverage powerful processing and graphics in their video game entertainment. To make sure that you do not run into issues however, you need to be familiar with the PS4 compatibility. Here are some of the factors that you should be aware of:

Game Compatibility

The PS4 games are not locked by region, but they certainly are launched and labelled with multiple numerical regional codes that are somewhat similar to Blu-ray’s region codes. Thus, any PS4 game will play on any console. Still, there are some special cases that arise when you try to playback games in HD. If your display has HD only, the game needs to have comparable HD support, or you otherwise might not be able to play it. To eliminate this problem, you might need to have 4K that offers support for 1440p, 2160i, and 2160 support in 4k. Also, the game developer has the capability to region lock if they decide to so do. The PlayStation 4 also offers support for PlayStation games via emulation if you download from the PS network.

Compatibility with Movies

Blue-ray discs are classified into 3 regions that ought to match the regions of your PS4 for any playback. The originally-released HVD discs supported region codes, but they somehow were not enforced, so at this point in time, the PlayStation 4 will play discs from any region. This is however subject to future change.



Playstation4 is an eighth-generation video game console, which is an upgrade of ps3, which is also a product of Sony computer entertainment. It has remarkable features that make video-gaming even more exciting. Some of these are, powerful graphics with great horsepower than its predecessor , amazingly integrated social features, innovative second-screen features which allow activation of the game at a distance and playing via PSvista or Sony tablets and smart phones, among others. Here are some of the reasons you should upgrade to ps4:

  1. Greater Speed – PlayStation 4 offers a much faster processor, an 8-ciore 2GHz core while ps3 uses a 3.3 GHz cell broadband engine. The ps4 processer is up to 9 times faster
  2. Better controllers – the ps4 Dual Shock controls are the first to have ‘haptic feedback’, which rumbles the controller in sync with on screen action. Unlike dualshock3 controllers, it has additional features like a touchpad, DVR button and audio controls.
  3. Higher resolution camera – the ps4 motion sensing camera has a higher resolution of 1280*800 pixels compared to the ps3 one with a 640*480 pixels resolution
  4. Removable hard drive with a higher capacity, which allows gamers to upgrade their memory up to 500 GB. The ps3 console hard drive is intact.
  5. Enhanced Bluetooth capability, upgraded from the 2.0 version of ps3 to Bluetooth 2.1 which uses lesser power and has stronger device connection.
  6. Ps4 has a built in game DVR which allows the gamer to record his or her games. In addition to that, ps4 has a dedicated share button to enable gamers to capture screenshots and videos and share them with friends. It also has the share-play feature which allows them to invite friends into the game session even if they do not have a copy of the game.

Another striking feature is the background downloading and updating which allows playing immediately as they download and also updating the system even when the hardware is powered off.

4 Best PlayStation 4 Games

4 Best PlayStation 4 Games

Sony have done everything right in the PlayStation 4. There is a fantastic list of great video games title for 2015 and beyond. Sony will release the VR handset for the PS4 will be released in 2016. Sony has already several demos which are already on lock. The PS4 games are addictive and awesome with the 3D visuals. The games are perfect for flawless gamers. Here is a bunch of the best PlayStation 4 games:

1. Grand Theft Auto 5

PS4’s Grand Theft Auto 5 is superb and incredible. The video game is an improved version of the Grand Theft in PS3. The reappearance is great. Some of the improved features are: shinier cars, improved textures and awesome executed first person mode. There is an unhealthy version of the first person cat stomping. You can also play GTA online with and improved character who is sure to get his claws into you.

2. The Last of Us Remastered

This game remains stronger and popular with age. The game is brutal and it seems to take on the end of the world. Naughty Dog’s shooter is one of the best feature in the game. In PlayStation 4, the dog can jump to 60fps. The game is awesome and also challenging especially when the dog reaches at the peak of its powers.

3. Destiny

The games has a single player shooting.  The game has epic hybrid built on awesome fluid firefights. The game has awesome Crucible PvP and the ability to improve the Titans’ gear which is a great experience with allies and the platform of PlayStation 4 social features.

4. Bloodborne

Bloodborne is a great bespokely developed exclusive. The Yharnam Software has developed dangerous and intriguing atmospheric world on the PS4. The city is filled with brutality and hostile neighbors. There are hiding beasts waiting to make a prey. There may be few weapons but there are many new tricks to defeat the monsters.